Introduction to Foreign exchange trading

This program is designed for those with some or even no knowledge of foreign exchange trading but who need a greater in depth understanding of the markets. The program covers all of the basic tools required by individuals who wish to trade in this very liquid market as well as those who just require an understanding of the approaches used by FX market professionals. Apart from the detailed presentations, participants will have an opportunity to see traders at work and ask questions.


  • Global Foreign Exchange Markets
  • Value dates and the 24 hour trading session
  • Who trades in these markets and why
  • Spot quotation conventions for major currency pairs
  • Trading base/fixed or terms/variable currency amounts
  • Direction implications given market news and developments
  • Profit and loss calculations
  • Explanation of screen based trading prices and information
  • Utilising stop loss orders
  • Approaches to making sure you make more money than you lose

What moves the prices in the Foreign Exchange Markets

  • The role and influence of technical analysis in FX
  • Foreign currency investment and trade cash flows
  • Economic imbalances in world trade
  • Focus on Japan and the Yen
  • Commodity currencies
  • Speculation and Hedge Funds
  • Order levels for large transactions
  • Foreign Exchange as a developing asset class
  • The Euro – It’s flaws and attractions
  • Central bank asset purchasing (Quantitative Easing)

Introduction to Technical Analysis charting

  • Historical information as a picture
  • Patterns and repetition
  • Traders’ attitudes to charting
  • Basic approaches
    • Trading channels
    • Trends
    • Defining various patterns and when they occur
  • Keeping it simple to start with
  • Moving averages
  • Volume indicators
  • Professional information feeds

Trading Simulation

Participants will have the opportunity to practice the skills mastered during the day. A live pricing simulation will be available in the trading room where participants can observe or copy professional traders at work. Wherever possible traders will answer questions and explain their reasoning behind their trading decisions and the technical analysis supporting those decisions. Most importantly, participants will be able to experience the speed at which profits and losses can be made in this market.

Forex Workshop & Course Topics

  • Introduction to the World of the FX Market and Professional Trading
  • Currency Trading Terminology
  • How to Set Up Your Trade Station
  • Risk/Reward Trading Plan
  • Capital Management Techniques
  • Currency Pairs: The Inside Story
  • Understanding the Trading Sessions
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Options Trading
  • Principles of Successful Trading

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