Currenex provides a comprehensive suite of FX trading tools for the buy and sell sides; executable streaming prices (ESPs), request for streams (RFSs), algorithmic and benchmark trading and complete prime brokerage functionality with fully-integrated pre and post-trade processing services and unrivalled integration capabilities that provide complete Straight Through Processing (STP) to clients worldwide.


Currenex’s technology and infrastructure, designed for ease of implementation, optimizes the FX workflow processes end-to-end, using flexible templates, and web applications that enable clients to trade more efficiently and effectively in an online environment.

Market, Limit, Stops

  • Triggers
  • Limits

Conditional Orders

  • If Done
  • One Cancels Other (OCO)

Iceberg & Hidden

  • Pegged Orders
  • Offsets, Discretion
  • At-Or-Better
  • Protected Peg

Execution Algorithms

  • TWAP Fixed Time,
  • TWAP Fixed Slice,
  • Floating Passive. Floating
  • Aggressive
  • TWAP Randomised
  • TWAP Randomised Market
  • Participation
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